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Pianist and composer Jean Lucas was born in Paris in December 1995. Based in Amsterdam nowadays, he started playing the piano in his early childhood, having a piano in his motherly home.

His first singles were released, via Warner Music in 2021, which went quickly over a million streams. In November 2021 he released his debut album called ‘The Beauty Seems Close, But Is So Far Away’, who reached out to many listeners worldwide. 

After releasing his first album, he found a new way of composing, getting inspired by some more ‘classical’ things. But, lighter and brighter with a little ‘neo-classical coat’. Where the first album could be seen as some heavy, darker pieces, is this lighter, more romantic and dreamy.


As soon as he found his new way of composing, he got back together with reputable producer Gijs v Klooster, known among other for his work with Joep Beving. They found a new sound together, which fits perfectly with his new compositions. Love and vulnerability is way more the common thread in this new chapter of releases.


‘In Your Arms, I Feel Safe’ is the first single of this new chapter, with many more new music to come over the next few months.

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